SMX (Security Matters) Public Ltd Co Files 424B3 Form with SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Security Matters Public Ltd Co submitted a Form 424B3 document, indicating a significant development within the company. The Form 424B3 is typically used by companies to register additional securities for sale, providing potential investors with important information regarding the offering. This filing could suggest that Security Matters is looking to raise capital through the sale of securities, which could have implications for the company’s financial health and future growth prospects.

Security Matters Public Ltd Co is a company focused on providing solutions for supply chain and logistics security, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and IoT to ensure the integrity and authenticity of products. With a commitment to enhancing transparency and trust in global trade, Security Matters aims to revolutionize the way businesses track and verify their supply chains. For more information about Security Matters Public Ltd Co, visit their website at

Overall, the submission of Form 424B3 by Security Matters Public Ltd Co signals a strategic move by the company to potentially raise funds through the sale of securities. Investors and stakeholders may want to closely monitor any developments following this filing to assess the impact on Security Matters’ operations and financial position.

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SMX (Security Matters) Public Ltd Co files 424B3 form with SEC


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