SEC Filing 424B3 Submitted by Security Matters Public Ltd Co (Filer) – Learn More About the Company

In a recent SEC filing, Security Matters Public Ltd Co (SMX) submitted a Form 424B3, indicating a significant development for the company. Form 424B3 is a prospectus filed by companies in connection with a public offering of securities. This type of filing provides detailed information about the securities being offered to potential investors, including the use of proceeds, risk factors, and financial data.

Security Matters Public Ltd Co (SMX) is a company focused on developing technologies for the identification and verification of products. With a mission to enhance transparency and trust in supply chains, SMX offers solutions that utilize unique chemical-based markers for product authentication. Investors and stakeholders can learn more about SMX and its innovative technologies by visiting the company’s website at

Overall, the submission of Form 424B3 by Security Matters Public Ltd Co (SMX) signifies a significant step in the company’s growth and expansion efforts. This filing provides valuable insights for investors and the financial community regarding SMX’s upcoming public offering of securities and underscores the company’s commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance.

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SMX (Security Matters) Public Ltd Co Files Form 424B3 with SEC


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