Reliant Wealth Planning (0001823393) Submits 13F-HR Filing to SEC

In a recent 13F-HR filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Reliant Wealth Planning (0001823393) disclosed its holdings as of the reporting period. The filing is significant as it provides investors and the public with insights into the investment decisions made by the company. By detailing the securities held, purchased, and sold during the period, the filing offers transparency into Reliant Wealth Planning’s investment strategy and potential market outlook.

Reliant Wealth Planning is a company that specializes in wealth management and financial planning services. With this filing, the company reveals its current investment portfolio, shedding light on its asset allocation and potential market positions. Investors and analysts can use this information to assess Reliant Wealth Planning’s investment performance and compare it to industry benchmarks. For more information about Reliant Wealth Planning, you can visit their website here.

The 13F-HR form is a quarterly filing required by the SEC for institutional investment managers with assets under management above a certain threshold. The form requires disclosure of the manager’s equity holdings, including the names of specific securities, the number of shares held, and the total market value. This information is valuable for investors, regulators, and the public to track the investment activities of large institutional investors like Reliant Wealth Planning.

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