Old National Bancorp /IN/ (0000707179) Files 13F-HR Form with SEC

OLD NATIONAL BANCORP /IN/ (0000707179) recently filed a Form 13F-HR with the Securities and Exchange Commission, revealing significant changes in its investment portfolio. The filing indicates the company’s holdings of various securities, providing insights into its investment strategy and potential market outlook. Investors and analysts often closely monitor 13F filings to track institutional investors’ activities and gain valuable information for their own investment decisions.

OLD NATIONAL BANCORP /IN/ is a financial holding company based in Indiana, providing a range of financial services including commercial and retail banking, wealth management, and investment services. With a focus on serving clients in the Midwest, the company has a strong presence in the region and continues to expand its offerings to meet the evolving needs of its customers. For more information about OLD NATIONAL BANCORP /IN/, visit their official website here.

Form 13F-HR is a quarterly report filed by institutional investment managers with at least $100 million in assets under management. The form discloses the manager’s equity holdings, including stocks, options, and convertible debt securities. Investors use this information to track institutional investment trends, identify potential investment opportunities, and assess the overall market sentiment. By analyzing 13F filings, market participants can gain valuable insights into the investment decisions of institutional investors like OLD NATIONAL BANCORP /IN/ and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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Old National Bancorp Files 13F-HR Form with SEC


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