KRKN-2, a Series of ALEXTAR VC, LLC, Files SEC Form D – Learn More About the Filer

In a recent SEC filing, ALEXTAR VC, LLC (Filer) submitted Form D for their investment offering D – KRKN-2. This filing is significant as it provides insight into the company’s fundraising activities and investment strategies. Form D is a notice of exempt offering of securities that companies must file with the Securities and Exchange Commission when they sell securities without registering them with the SEC.

ALEXTAR VC, LLC is a company that specializes in venture capital investments, and their filing for D – KRKN-2 indicates their continued pursuit of investment opportunities in the market. Investors and industry analysts can use this filing to track ALEXTAR VC, LLC’s fundraising progress and gain an understanding of their investment focus.

For more information about ALEXTAR VC, LLC and their investment offerings, you can visit their website here.

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KRKN-2 Series of ALEXTAR VC, LLC SEC Filing Submitted by Filer 0002022850


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