Gladiate Technologies, Inc. Files Form D/A with the SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Gladiate Technologies, Inc. disclosed a significant development that is likely to impact its operations moving forward. The company submitted a Form D/A, indicating a material change in previously submitted Form D. This alteration could signal a shift in the company’s business strategy, financial situation, or ownership structure, prompting investors and stakeholders to take note of the updated information.

Gladiate Technologies, Inc. is a technology company focused on developing innovative solutions in the cybersecurity sector. With a commitment to enhancing digital security and protecting against cyber threats, the company has positioned itself as a key player in the rapidly evolving tech industry. For more information about Gladiate Technologies, Inc., please visit their website here.

Form D/A is a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that is used to amend a previously submitted Form D. Form D is a notice of an exempt offering of securities, typically used by companies to raise capital without having to register their securities with the SEC. By submitting a Form D/A, Gladiate Technologies, Inc. is providing updated information regarding its exempt offering, ensuring transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Gladiate Technologies, Inc. Files D/A Form with SEC


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