Cash Account Trust (0000858372) Files Form 24F-2NT with the SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Cash Account Trust (Filer) submitted a Form 24F-2NT. This filing is significant as it pertains to the registration of certain investment companies. Form 24F-2NT is used by unit investment trusts (UITs) to register securities of foreign companies or governments. It provides investors with essential information about the securities being offered, including the risks involved and the investment objectives. By submitting this form, Cash Account Trust is ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and transparency for investors.

Cash Account Trust is an investment company that offers various investment products to its clients. As a Filer of Form 24F-2NT, the company is demonstrating its commitment to providing investors with access to a diverse range of investment opportunities, including securities of foreign companies or governments. For more information about Cash Account Trust and its investment offerings, please visit their website [here]().

Overall, Form 24F-2NT filed by Cash Account Trust plays a crucial role in providing transparency and regulatory compliance in the investment industry. Investors can rely on this filing to make informed decisions about investing in securities of foreign companies or governments through Cash Account Trust’s investment products.

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