Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Submits SEC Filing 4 – Issuer 0001585521

**Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (0001585521) Files SEC Form 4 – Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership**

Zoom Video Communications, Inc., a leading provider of video conferencing and online communication services, has filed a Form 4 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing, known as the Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership, discloses any transactions in the company’s stock made by insiders, such as directors or executives, or major shareholders. This form is important for investors and analysts to track any buying or selling activity by individuals closely associated with the company.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has been at the forefront of the digital communication revolution, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when remote work and virtual meetings became the norm. The company’s user-friendly platform has gained widespread popularity for its ease of use and reliability. For more information about Zoom Video Communications, Inc., please visit their official website.

Overall, the filing of Form 4 by Zoom Video Communications, Inc. provides valuable insights into the company’s insider trading activities, which can be crucial information for investors looking to make informed decisions about their investments in the company.

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Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Submits Form 4 Filing to SEC


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