Zeta Global Holdings Corp. (0001851003) Discloses Ownership Change in Recent SEC Filing

In a recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, Zeta Global Holdings Corp. (0001851003) disclosed a SC 13G/A form, indicating a significant ownership stake in the company by a particular individual or entity. The filing is significant as it provides transparency regarding ownership positions within the company, potentially signaling confidence in Zeta Global Holdings Corp.’s future prospects or strategic direction.

Zeta Global Holdings Corp. is a leading data-driven customer acquisition and retention marketing platform, offering a suite of SaaS-based products to help businesses enhance their marketing efforts. With a focus on utilizing data and analytics to drive personalized marketing strategies, Zeta Global Holdings Corp. caters to a wide range of industries, including retail, financial services, and technology. For more information about Zeta Global Holdings Corp., please visit their website here.

The SC 13G/A form filed by Zeta Global Holdings Corp. (0001851003) is a beneficial ownership report required by the SEC when an individual or entity acquires a significant ownership stake in a publicly traded company. This filing helps promote transparency in the financial markets by disclosing ownership positions of 5% or more in a company’s outstanding shares, allowing investors and the public to make informed decisions based on ownership dynamics within the company.

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