“World Funds Trust (0001396092) Files DEF 14A Form with SEC”

In a recent SEC filing, World Funds Trust (0001396092) submitted a DEF 14A form, indicating a significant event for the company. DEF 14A forms, also known as definitive proxy statements, are filed when a company is preparing to hold a shareholder meeting to vote on corporate matters such as executive compensation, board member elections, or mergers and acquisitions. Shareholders rely on these documents to make informed decisions about the company’s governance and direction.

World Funds Trust is a company that offers a variety of investment funds to its clients. As a filer of the DEF 14A form, the company is likely gearing up for its annual shareholder meeting where important decisions will be made regarding the company’s future. Investors and stakeholders of World Funds Trust should review the proxy statement closely to understand the proposals on the table and how they may impact their investments.

For more information about World Funds Trust and its investment offerings, please visit their website here. Investors and interested parties can access the DEF 14A filing on the SEC’s EDGAR database to delve deeper into the specifics of the shareholder meeting agenda and proposed resolutions.

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World Funds Trust (0001396092) Files DEF 14A Form with SEC


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