Shikiar Asset Management Inc Files N-PX Form with SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Shikiar Asset Management Inc (0001058022) disclosed its N-PX form, providing insight into its proxy voting record. The N-PX form is submitted by investment companies that are required to disclose how they voted on behalf of their clients on corporate resolutions during the most recent year. This filing is crucial for investors and stakeholders to understand the company’s governance practices and decision-making processes.

Shikiar Asset Management Inc is an investment company that manages assets on behalf of its clients. Specializing in investment strategies and portfolio management, the firm aims to provide tailored financial solutions to meet its clients’ objectives. For more information about Shikiar Asset Management Inc, you can visit their website here.

The N-PX filing by Shikiar Asset Management Inc sheds light on the company’s proxy voting activities and reflects its commitment to transparency and accountability in corporate governance matters. Investors can review this filing to gain insights into the firm’s voting practices and how they align with their own values and interests.

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Shikiar Asset Management Inc Files N-PX Form with SEC


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