Marish 3D, LLC (0002001486) Files D/A Form with SEC

Marish 3D, LLC recently filed a Form D/A with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Form D is a notice of exempt offering of securities that companies must file when they sell securities without registering them with the SEC. The filing indicates that Marish 3D, LLC is raising capital through a private offering, allowing them to raise funds without the extensive disclosure and reporting requirements of a registered offering.

Marish 3D, LLC is a company focused on the development and implementation of cutting-edge 3D printing technology. The company’s innovative approach to 3D printing has garnered attention in the industry for its potential to revolutionize manufacturing processes. With this recent filing, Marish 3D, LLC is likely looking to secure additional funding to further develop and commercialize its technology.

For more information on Marish 3D, LLC and its groundbreaking 3D printing technology, you can visit their website here. Investors and industry enthusiasts alike will be eager to see how this capital raise propels the company forward in the rapidly evolving world of additive manufacturing.

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