M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. Submits Form 8-A12B to SEC

In a recent SEC filing, M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. (CIK: 0002016072) submitted a Form 8-A12B, indicating its intention to register a class of securities. This filing is significant as it suggests that the company may be planning to go public or issue additional securities to investors. By registering a class of securities, M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. is taking a step towards increasing transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements, which can help build investor confidence in the company.

M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) focused on identifying and acquiring a business in the technology, media, and telecommunications sectors. As a blank-check company, M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. was formed for the purpose of raising capital through an initial public offering to acquire a company within a specific timeframe. Investors in SPACs like M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. typically rely on the management team’s expertise to identify a suitable acquisition target that will provide returns on their investment. For more information about M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp., please visit their website.

Form 8-A12B is used by companies to register a class of securities under Section 12(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This form is typically filed in connection with an initial public offering or the listing of securities on a national securities exchange. By submitting this form, M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. is taking the necessary steps to comply with SEC regulations and provide investors with important information about the company and its securities.

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M3-Brigade Acquisition V Corp. Submits Form 8-A12B to SEC


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