Delaware Life Variable Account F Files Form 497VPU with SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Delaware Life Variable Account F disclosed Form 497VPU. This filing is significant as it provides investors with updated information on the variable annuity contracts offered by the company. Form 497VPU is typically used by variable annuity issuers to register certain contracts and underlying funds under the Securities Act of 1933.

Delaware Life Variable Account F is a subsidiary of Delaware Life Insurance Company, offering a range of variable annuity products to investors. The company focuses on providing retirement solutions and investment options to help individuals achieve their financial goals. For more information on Delaware Life Variable Account F, you can visit their website here.

Form 497VPU is a filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission by Delaware Life Variable Account F to provide updated information on their variable annuity contracts. This form is essential for investors and regulatory authorities to stay informed about the offerings and operations of the company in the variable annuity market.

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