Crescat Institutional Macro Fund LP Files Form D/A with SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Crescat Institutional Macro Fund LP (CI Macro Fund) submitted a Form D/A, indicating a material change in its previously filed Form D. Form D is required to be filed by companies that have raised capital through the sale of securities without having to register those securities with the SEC. The amendment to the Form D suggests that CI Macro Fund may have made changes to the offering amount, the total amount sold, or the total remaining to be sold.

Crescat Institutional Macro Fund LP is an investment fund that focuses on macroeconomic trends and global thematic investing. The fund is managed by Crescat Capital LLC, a Denver-based investment management firm known for its contrarian investment approach. With a track record of successfully navigating market cycles, Crescat Capital aims to provide investors with superior risk-adjusted returns. For more information about Crescat Institutional Macro Fund LP, visit their website at

Form D/A is a filing that amends a previously submitted Form D, which is used by companies to claim an exemption from SEC registration requirements when issuing securities. The amendment could reflect changes in the offering terms, the amount of securities offered and sold, or other material updates related to the offering. Investors and analysts closely monitor Form D filings to track fundraising activities and stay informed about the latest developments within the investment landscape.

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