Brown David Craig Files SC 13D/A Form with SEC

In a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing, investor David Craig Brown submitted an SC 13D/A form, indicating changes in ownership of a significant amount of shares in a particular company. The filing, submitted by Brown himself, signifies a potential shift in control or influence within the company, as individuals or entities are required to disclose ownership stakes exceeding 5% of a company’s outstanding shares.

David Craig Brown, the investor behind the filing, is a prominent figure in the investment world known for his strategic investments and keen eye for profitable opportunities. With this recent filing, Brown’s actions may signal his confidence in the company’s growth potential or his intention to play a more active role in its decision-making processes.

For more information on David Craig Brown and his investment activities, please visit the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website and search for filing number 0001730370 to access the full details of the SC 13D/A form.

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Brown David Craig Files SC 13D/A with SEC


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