Aquila Funds Trust Files DEFA14A Form with SEC (0000707800)

In a recent DEFA14A filing submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Aquila Funds Trust (CIK: 0000707800) disclosed important information that shareholders and investors should take note of. The filing is significant as it pertains to potential changes in the company’s governance, executive compensation, or other crucial matters that require shareholder approval. Investors are advised to carefully review the details provided in the filing to make informed decisions regarding their investment in Aquila Funds Trust.

Aquila Funds Trust is an investment company that offers a range of mutual funds to investors seeking long-term growth and income opportunities. With a focus on delivering strong investment performance and excellent customer service, Aquila Funds Trust aims to help investors achieve their financial goals. For more information about Aquila Funds Trust and its offerings, please visit their official website at

The DEFA14A filing submitted by Aquila Funds Trust is a definitive additional soliciting material related to proxy statements. This type of filing is used to provide shareholders with updated or additional information regarding matters that require their vote at an upcoming shareholder meeting. By disclosing important details and seeking shareholder approval on specific issues, Aquila Funds Trust demonstrates transparency and commitment to good corporate governance practices. Investors are encouraged to review the DEFA14A filing thoroughly to understand the implications of the proposed actions.

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Aquila Funds Trust Files DEFA14A Form with SEC


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