Sankarlingam Velchamy’s SEC Filing (Form 144) Reportedly Submitted for Public Disclosure

In a recent SEC filing, Sankarlingam Velchamy, identified with the CIK number 0001814012, has submitted a Form 144. This form is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to report the sale of restricted securities, typically by company insiders or affiliates. The filing indicates that Velchamy may be looking to sell a significant number of shares in the near future.

Sankarlingam Velchamy is a key figure in the business world, and this filing could have implications for the company he is associated with. Investors and market analysts often closely monitor Form 144 filings as they can provide insights into potential changes in ownership and future market activity. It is important to keep an eye on how this filing may impact the company’s stock price and overall market performance.

For more information on Sankarlingam Velchamy and the company he is affiliated with, please visit the company’s website here to stay updated on any developments following this SEC filing. Stay tuned for further updates as more details unfold regarding this Form 144 submission.

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Sankarlingam Velchamy (0001814012) Submits Form 144 Filing for Reporting Purposes


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