Independent Advisor Alliance (0001696899) Submits N-PX Filing to SEC

In a recent SEC filing, Independent Advisor Alliance (Filer ID 0001696899) submitted Form N-PX, a mandatory filing required of registered management investment companies to disclose how they voted on behalf of their clients at shareholder meetings of publicly traded companies. The filing provides valuable insight into the voting practices and priorities of Independent Advisor Alliance, shedding light on their approach to corporate governance and shareholder activism.

Independent Advisor Alliance is a registered investment advisor based in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering a range of financial services to individual and institutional clients. With a focus on providing personalized investment solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, Independent Advisor Alliance prides itself on delivering unbiased advice and transparent communication. For more information about Independent Advisor Alliance, visit their website at

Form N-PX is a crucial disclosure document that allows investors and regulators to assess the voting practices and policies of registered investment companies like Independent Advisor Alliance. By detailing how they voted on various issues at shareholder meetings, Independent Advisor Alliance provides transparency into their stewardship responsibilities and commitment to acting in the best interests of their clients.

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