Furst Rafael (0001709739) Submits Form 4/A for Reporting Purposes

In a recent SEC filing, Furst Rafael (CIK: 0001709739) submitted a Form 4/A, indicating changes in their ownership of securities. Form 4/A is typically filed to correct errors or provide updated information on previously reported transactions by company insiders or major shareholders. This filing can provide valuable insights into the buying or selling activities of individuals closely associated with the company.

Furst Rafael is an individual closely associated with a company or organization, as indicated by the filing. While further details about Furst Rafael’s specific role or relationship with the company are not provided in the filing, the submission of Form 4/A suggests that there have been modifications to their ownership stake in the company. Investors and analysts may monitor such filings to gauge insider sentiment and potential future stock performance.

For more information about Furst Rafael or the company associated with the filing, please visit the company’s website here

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Furst Rafael (0001709739) Files Form 4/A for Reporting Purposes


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