Freight Technologies, Inc. (0001687542) Submits 6-K Filing to SEC

Freight Technologies, Inc. recently submitted a Form 6-K filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission, indicating significant developments within the company. The contents of the filing are crucial for investors and stakeholders as they provide insights into the company’s operations, financial health, or strategic direction. Investors are advised to review the filing carefully to make informed decisions regarding their investments in Freight Technologies, Inc.

Freight Technologies, Inc. is a company focused on revolutionizing the logistics and freight industry through innovative technologies and solutions. With a commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction, the company aims to streamline processes and enhance overall supply chain management. For more information about Freight Technologies, Inc., please visit their official website at

Form 6-K is a report filed by foreign private issuers to provide updates or information that may be of relevance to shareholders. These filings are submitted to the SEC to ensure transparency and compliance with regulations, allowing investors to stay informed about key developments within the company. Investors are encouraged to stay updated on Freight Technologies, Inc.’s Form 6-K filings to track the company’s progress and performance in the market.

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Freight Technologies, Inc. Submits Form 6-K Filing to SEC (Filer 0001687542)


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