Carvana Co. (0001690820) Reports Significant Ownership Change in SC 13G Filing

Carvana Co. (0001690820) recently filed a SC 13G form with the Securities and Exchange Commission, indicating a significant ownership stake in the company by a particular individual or entity. SC 13G forms are required to be filed with the SEC within 10 days of an entity acquiring at least 5% of a company’s stock, providing transparency to investors and the public about significant ownership changes.

Carvana Co. is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars, offering a wide selection of vehicles and a seamless online purchasing experience. The company has disrupted the traditional car-buying process by providing customers with the option to browse, finance, and schedule delivery of their chosen vehicle entirely online. Carvana’s innovative approach to car sales has garnered significant attention in the industry and among consumers.

For more information about Carvana Co. and its innovative online car-buying platform, visit their website at Carvana. Investors and stakeholders can access the company’s latest financial reports, news updates, and other relevant information on their official website.

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Carvana Co. (0001690820) Discloses Significant Ownership Change in SC 13G Filing


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